Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Moment

credits: Doux Moment by Sange (Digital Crea); Playing with Word Art Vol 2 by Natali Designs (Scrapbook Graphics); edited with PSE6

I feel like I haven't made a page in forever! I've been busy getting ready to move into our new house but I defintely needed a break today!

This is a picture of me helping Isabella feed Angelina a bottle, which Isabella very much wanted to do during our Fourth of July outing! I wanted to keep the page simple and let the photo do most of the talking. While the layout is simple, there was a lot of editing done on the photo, something nobody ever realizes until you show them the original! So, see below...

As you can now see, I removed Brad from the background. It's not that I don't love him or anything but he just wasn't part of the moment I was trying to capture! I used the clone stamp tool in PSE to create grass in place of him. I then used the spot healing brush to go over areas that looked obviously duplicated from using the previous tool. I then also blurred the background with the blur tool to bring all the focus to us in the foreground, it was rather busy in the background with all those trees. I also upped the brightness and contrast after turning the photo to b&w. My favorite part of this photo is that if you look close enough, you can see Angelina reflected in my glasses, which is the only reason I didn't crop myself out!

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  1. Great photo editing! I love the color combination of your page and the stitching on the frame.