Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun at the Fair?

credits: Pinky by Pouyou (Digital Crea); Alpha News by Kawouette (Digital Crea); edited with PSE6

As you can see, Isabella was not so thrilled about the rides at the Denver Fair this past weekend... these were the only 3 she "survived" and she only went on them because I made her... sorry, but I had $20 in tickets to use up! Meanwhille, Gavin sat in his stroller, crying from simply watching the rides:

Just imagine what happened when I actually did try to put him on one, it was not a pretty sight! What crazy kids of mine, whatever shall I do with them?!?

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  1. Too funny! Nutty kids! I love the balance of your LO -- and I knew you'd love that kit -- pink, pink and more pink! LOL