Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dollhouse

credits: A Day in the Garden by Maelia Designs and Fanette (Digital Crea); edited with PSE6

As the journaling explains... My grandfather made this dollhouse for me when I was 5 years old. When we moved into our new house, I decided it was time to pass it on to Isabella - only 20 years later! My grandfather passed away from lung cancer in November of 2004, so he never got the chance to meet my children. With their little spunky attitudes, we all know he would have just LOVED them! And seeing Isabella play with this dollhouse would have just made his heart glow! It really means a lot to me to see how much she really loves playing with it.

My original idea when starting this page was to use a photo of myself when I received the dollhouse. After trying many different layouts, I just couldn't decide on something I liked. Below was the closest I got. I decided I'd post that too since I put so much effort into it before just giving up and removing the photo all together!

credits: A Day in the Garden by Maelia Designs and Fanette (Digital Crea); Shabby Pickle Frames by Laura Deacetis (Shabby Pickle); edited with PSE6

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  1. I like it with the inset of you and the house. And I like the vintage frame/photo and in B&W and then the photo of Isabella in full color. Adds to the 'then-and-now' mood of the page.