Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Little Beauty

credits: Pink Paradise by PtiteSouris (Digital Crea); Perfect Journaling by Ange (Digital Crea); editing done with PSE6

What a little diva, right?!? For the past couple weeks, the only thing this girl wants to wear is her princess outfits... and she wears them everywhere, including outdoors to go play which is why she has her glasses on here, she just cracks me up!

How I created the reflection: Obviously, the first thing I did was extract my image. Next, I duplicated the image and flipped it vertically. I then 'transformed' the flipped image by holding down the CTRL key, clicking on the lower left corner and dragging it to the left. Finally, I blended the flipped photo onto the background. In this case, I actually used two layers for the blending. I first used overlay which I liked but because I had such a light background, it was a little difficult to see. So I made a second layer of the image on top of that, left it normal and reduced the opacity to 10%. As I always say, blending takes a lot of trial and error in every project and it may not work for you the same way it worked for me!

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