Friday, November 20, 2009

Revision Time - Real Men Wear Pink!

So I when I just went through all my pages, I picked out a few that I really wanted to revise. Here is the first one - I originally scrapped this pic way back in April of 08, my first month of scrapping... it almost pains me to look at it now!

credits: Scrapbook Flair Freebies & Software

And here is the revision that I made today... much better! :)

credits: Cute as a Monster by Choukette (Digital Crea); edited with PSE6

The journaling reads: One night when mommy went to get you ready for bed, I realized that you didn’t have anymore clean pajamas! It was a cold winter night and I couldn’t let you sleep naked. Instead, I dug out an old pair of your sister’s pajamas. You looked very excited to be wearing them at the time. If anyone ever asks, just tell them - real men wear pink!

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  1. GREAT revision! I, too, cringe a bit when I look back at my first pages! :-)