Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Reminder of Why I LOVE Digital!

So just a little over a month ago I had shared this page:

Well, last night I was looking for pictures of my grandmother for a xmas present I'm working on for her. I remembered that I had used one on this page and went back to get it. To my surprise when I opened the folder, there was a second picture of my Nanny holding Isabella and it was much nicer than the one I had used on this page - Isabella is actually looking at the camera and smiling! I'm not quite sure how I missed this photo since it was right at the beginning of the same folder as the other one but it made me very angry! The problem is easily enough fixed digitally (see below), thank goodness I remembered what editing I did to all the other photos. BUT this is one of the pages that was printed in the photo book I recently ordered! Grrr... I need to order some 4x6 photo prints soon and my plan is to get a photo printed with just the area of the page with the new photo. Maybe I can cut it out and glue it on top of the old page, though it's going to be obvious no matter what I do! I know this probably seems silly to most of you but little things like this bug me big time and after all the time I spent making not just this page but the book itself, I'm majorly bugged right now! Just a reminder of why I love digital - that correction was finished (and flawless) in about 2 minutes!

credits: Moments en Famille by Ange (Digital Crea); ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Pic-a-Plenty by Amanda McGee (ScrapGirls); edited with PSE6

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