Sunday, March 28, 2010

Only in Our Dreams...

I apologize in advance for the seriousness of this post, I was actually debating whether I even wanted to share this page or not. Today is the anniversary of my older brother's death, it's been 8 years - hard to believe. So needless to say, he's been on mind more than usual the past week or so... Easter in general is always a reminder because his death occured over this holiday in 2002. One of the saddest things for me to think about is how my children will never know who their Uncle Jon was and that is what inspired this page:

 credits: Alchimie by Galiscrap (Digital Crea); Grunge Photo Masks by Sev (Digital Crea)

These are old photos that I took and added my children to. The top one was originally a photo of me when I was younger sitting on my brother's lap, now you see Isabella there. The lower one was a photo of my brother holding his son, now it is Gavin. These images are something that can never be, they are memories which can only be made in their dreams - in my dreams. I actually wanted to do something more with this page but simply creating those images took enough out of me and I just had to stop. But perhaps it is better this way, an unfinished page - an unfinished life... I miss you Jon.

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