Monday, June 8, 2009

Four Generations

credits: Concentre de douceur by Sev (Digital Crea); "love" from Playing with Word Art Vol 2 by Natali Designs (Scrapbook Graphics); editing done with PSE6

So in a recent post, I had expressed how anxious I was to have a new 4 generations picture taken and here it is!!! I'm so happy about this, YAY! This is my grandmother, my mother, myself and my daughter taken on May 30th at a baby shower for my cousin. Don't be too easily fooled by Isabella's little innocent smile however. She is going through another 'don't take my picture' phase right now and so the original shot looked like this:

Don't ask me what steps I actually took to give Isabella her new face because I did a lot of different things until I thought it finally looked believable! I do know I started by cropping and placing her head from another picture on a layer above this one. Next, I reduced the opacity and lined up her facial features. I put the opacity back to 100 and began using the soft eraser to remove everything I didn't need. The second photo's lighting was slightly different so I know I adjusted that as well. When I finally felt I was finished, I merged my two layers together and had my new perfect generations photo!

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