Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Tree Word Art

credits: Danielle's Designs - author of quote unknown; created with PSE5

My Layout
credits: Romantique by Cinnamon Designs (Dec 08 edition of DAM); wordart by Danielle's Designs; editing done with PSE5

These are my great grandparents (my mom's mom's parents). The smaller photo was taken on their wedding day - July 15, 1922. I'm so grateful to have that picture! The larger photo was taken for their 50th anniversary. Howard, my great grandfather, died the year before I born and Ella, my great grandmother, died when I was only two. Sadly, I do not have any memories of either of them, though I am lucky enough to have two different 4 generations photos with Ella, my grandmother, my mother and myself. I am very glad that my children have had the chance to know their great grandmother, my mom's mom, the daughter of these two. We go to visit her every week and I hope that they are able to have fond memories to look back on. I do have one 4 generations photo with my grandmother, my mother, myself and Isabella but she was only a few months old, I am very anxious to have a new one taken!

By Betty (Granny B)
credits: HP Nouveau Dossier; Antiquity Zalinka

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