Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting Published!

I was super psyched the first time I found out that pages of mine were going to be published in the Scrapbooking Ezine, Scrap N' Art. The first thing people asked me was, what do you get for that? Well, the answer is nothing but pride and that's just fine with me! I was proud that someone thought my work was good enough to be showcased in this wonderful place. And so far, every time I've submitted pages for consideration, some have been chosen! The funny thing to me though is that these first two pages, seen in the January/February 09 edition, are older pages of mine and aren't exactly what I would think of as my 'best' work... oh well, who am I to decide I guess! The first page was chosen for a section dedicated to journaling and the second one was chosen for 'green' pages.

credits: Elle by PascaleA; edited with Paint.NET

credits: Spontaneous Delight by Carrie Stephens; edited with Paint.NET

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