Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Boy

credits: Welcome to Dream Land by Redju & Thaliris (Digital Crea - layout based on a page by the CT for this kit); editing done with PSE6

In all honesty, the simplicity of this page was based more on the fact that it was 1 AM than anything else! I was looking at some of the CT samples for this kit, saw this layout and thought hey, that will be quick and easy! And that it was, I'm still very happy with it even if it was more of a - I just want to be able to say I finished something tonight - things! I did a little editing to the photo itself as well. First, I added a white vignette by going to filter and then correct gamma distortion. Second, I duplicated the photo, made the top layer yellow and gave it 25% opacity which I thought helped it match the page's colors. I also thought doing both these things worked with the idea that a yellow lamp was shining down on the photo, I hope you agree! :)

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