Monday, May 18, 2009

Delight Every Moment

Credits: Outdoor Activity by WaterLO Project (; Playing with Word Art vol3 by Natali Designs (Scrapbook Graphics); editing done with PSE6.

I took the photo of Isabella on her new bike last Wednesday (5/13) and definitely had to scrap it! She loves that thing, even though she won't use the pedals as you can see! After adding the swing set and the slide, I got the idea to use others pictures of Isabella from the park. The picture on the slide is from last year and the one on the swing is from 2 years ago. So in addition to creating this memory about Isabella's joy for her new bike, I have also created a unique progression of her past 3 years... wow, I can't even believe it's been that long! I wasn't crazy about making the photos b&w at first but it felt necessary as the three original photos had very different lighting. After attempting to adjust the hues, saturation, brightness and contrast for quite awhile, I decided it would be better to just do it this way! Looking at it now, I rather like it... I think it helps her stand out from the scene around her.

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